Training & Outreach

At James Brindley Academy, we are passionate about the improvement and the effectiveness of professional development. As specialist educators, we understand the pressures and time constraints teachers are under and have a unique insight into the needs that are presented when working within varied environments.

Every aspect of our training has been designed around specific job roles within the school workforce.

We want to pass on our first-hand experience, best practices and knowledge to other educators, to enable them to utilise these skills and tools to strengthen their own working environments.

Training Available

Thrive Approach (Childhood Licensed Practitioner Course) - Learn More

Thrive Approach (Adolescence Licensed Practitioner Course) - Learn More

Emotion Coaching & Building Resilience

Autism and Mental Health: How it feels to be at school and have autism.

The Unteachable Child: How staff learned to understand and support attachment needs.

Managing Self-Harm in The School Environment

Undetected Speech, Language and Communication Needs: How these can have a negative impact on wellbeing.

If you are interested in specific training that we can offer, please get in touch. We can offer bespoke training packages to suit your requirements - contact us directly via to find out more.