Thrive Childhood Licensed Practitioner Course​​​​​​​

Course costs

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*Please Note Online Subscription Costs & Ongoing CPD costs are not part of the course costs. These are additional costs to each delegate and need to be agreed with and paid directly to Thrive prior to commencement of the course.

Costs will vary depending on the size of school & the number of pupils on roll, so each delegate will need to liaise with Thrive regarding these costs via

Course overview

Understanding that behaviour of children is actually communication will help you to engage children with life and learning. Ultimately, this will result in better outcomes for all children.

The Thrive Licensed Practitioner course for primary school aged children will introduce you to the Thrive Approach. It will show you how to be and what to do in response to children’s varying, and often complex, social and emotional needs. The course will demonstrate how Thrive-Online, our mapping, measuring and monitoring tool, can be used to profile whole classes and individual children, and to identify strategies and action plans that will support healthy emotional and social development. You will also be presented with a raft of practical activities. These will help you develop a relational stance and help children become ready to learn.


Suitable for

This course, leading to Thrive Licensed Practitioner status, is ideal for anyone working closely with primary school aged children in a teaching, health care or social care role. It is particularly beneficial to professionals with pastoral responsibilities, including safeguarding, special educational needs, SEMH education or a tutor role.

There are no previous qualifications required to undertake this course, other than being comfortable with day-to-day use of a laptop or tablet, having a role working with children and wanting to make a difference.

Course content

The Thrive Licensed Practitioner for Childhood course covers:

  • The development and functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  • The six developmental stages of social and emotional development.
  • The principles of attachment theory.
  • Key strategies for building supportive relationships.
  • The role of the arts, play and creativity in supporting social and emotional development.
  • How fear, anger, loss, change, separation, bereavement and joy can interrupt learning.
  • Instruction and practice in using Thrive-Online to profile and create targeted action plans for whole groups and individual children, and measure progress.

Course outcomes

Successful completion of this course leads to Thrive Licensed Practitioner for Childhood status. You will have acquired the additional skills and knowledge to implement the Thrive Approach to benefit all students (right-time), and be able to work with individual students needing additional support (reparative).

To maintain your Licensed status you need to attend Thrive CPD courses and actively use Thrive-Online. The annual criteria is to gain 10 CPD points and profile/re-profile a minimum of three individuals.


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