Short Term Provision

Short Term Provision (STP) provides education for children and young people, aged 4 to 16, who are unable to access their school due to their health condition. 

Pupils receive access to a minimum of five hours of lessons a week, which can be clustered to support a fun, creative and supportive timetable that will best suit the learning needs of the pupil, maximising pupils’ progress. 

Our STP Team works closely with Birmingham Local Authority, pupils, parents, schools, health professionals and other relevant agencies, to ensure that pupils have appropriate access to education and continue to make progress whilst they are unable to attend school.

Our multi-agency approach focusses on providing a time limited provision that takes into account the pupil’s educational and wider support requirements.

We will always be guided by health professionals regarding a pupil’s ability to access education and, as such, all referrals for STP must be supported by medical evidence stating the reason for non-attendance at school and the anticipated length of absence.

Teaching takes place at different locations depending on the needs of the pupil, some of these locations include: James Brindley centres, home schools, local colleges and the pupil's home.

For pupils with mental health difficulties we acknowledge that it is not always in their best interests to receive teaching in the home as this can entrench isolation and school refusal behaviours, therefore our referral panel will consider all other JBS provision options before teaching within the home is considered.

Please see our Referrals page for information on how to make referral.