Autumn 1 – Biology

Pupils will be studying the different body systems including the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and nervous system

Autumn 2 – Chemistry

Pupils will be studying atoms, elements and compounds. They will also be looking at acids and alkalis, the periodic table and chemical reactions.



Spring 1 – Physics

Pupils will be studying waves and energy. They will investigate the use of waves in our everyday lives including sound waves and light waves.

Spring 2 – Biology

Pupils will be studying genetics and variation. They will be exploring how genes influence characteristics and illnesses. Pupils will also look at how animals and plants are adapted to their environment.




Summer 1 – Physics

Pupils will be studying the role of fuels in our everyday lives. This will include looking at energy changes and transfers and use and cost. They will also be relating the particle model to heat transfers.

Summer 2 – Chemistry

Pupils will be studying the chemical properties of materials and how this affects their usage in life. Pupils will also develop ideas on combustion and energetics.


 How is the course assessed

Pupils will complete a check in, check out and APP task for each half tem topic.

Pupils will also complete an end of year assessment to inform them of their next steps for the coming year.


 How can you support your child at home

Use BBC bitesize KS3 science to support with homework and consolidation of class learning.

Encourage and support with homework.

Spend time watching scientific documentaries and discussing what you have learnt.

Spend time talking about science in the news.

Encourage children to make links between science and real life, for example where our food comes from, the importance of doctors and health etc.