Pastoral/Therapeutic support

Alongside our strong curriculum offer, we have a strong pastoral offer, which supports our pupils with their mental health, from understanding their own needs and developing their own strategies and support mechanisms to helping them through times of need/crisis. 

Our Thrive Approach underpins everything that we do; we have 3 Thrive Practitioners that can deliver targeted 1:1 and group interventions and regular staff training ensures that all staff are confident in the approach to support our pupils with their emotional development and regulation.  2 pastoral managers, 2 attendance officers and a team of mentors supports pupils throughout the school day through a range of structured and ad-hoc work and our therapeutic practitioner offers more formal therapy to pupils who require it.

The young people who attend James Brindley Academy don’t wear school uniforms.

Life after Parkway

Pupils can return to mainstream at any point in their time with us; sometimes we are not the right provision and sometimes our higher level of support is no longer needed.  However, most pupils will stay with us until after their GCSEs. 

We support all pupils with investigating and applying for suitable post-16 provisions – most will go on to mainstream colleges (often with additional support packages), some on to specialist provisions and a few will go on to traineeships and apprenticeships. 

We work with pupils throughout their time with us to develop their resilience, independence skills and travel training to ensure that they can transition successfully onto appropriate post-16 placements.