Personal Development

Typically, pupils who attend our Centres have experienced difficulties with their mental health and or other health related conditions, which has prevented them from accessing mainstream schools and typical day to day interactions with their peers and families. We also know that some of their health conditions means that they need a curriculum that allows them be more kinaesthetic, therefore the opportunity to embed a more vocational/applied pathway, will mean the curriculum is more accessible and inclusive.

Our Personal Development Curriculum is designed to help our pupils gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to lead healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens.

Across all our settings, pupils will have the opportunity to access a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the traditional curriculum, but with a clear focus around building resilience, confidence and independence. They will have opportunities to contribute within their own particular settings and the wider community. In doing so, pupils will learn to recognise their own worth, develop a sense of their own identity and the ability to see their place in society as well as respecting and working with others.

Pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences and to recognise how they are developing personally and socially, addressing the spiritual social, moral and cultural issues that form an intrinsic part of growing up.

Within our centres, pupils will be able to access “wellbeing days”. The 5 strands of our wellbeing offer are:

1.       Independent Learning strand

2.       Vocational Strand

3.       Careers Strand

4.       Health & Wellbeing Strand

5.       Creative Arts Strand

Pupils will have the opportunity to access different elements of these strands, which will be tailored to suit the needs and interests of their particular setting.