During the year all pupils investigate a variety of topic with their vertical tutor groups and an additional sex and relationships topic that is taught in year groups during the summer term. The aim of the PSHE curriculum is to provide pupils with perspectives of other people and how they can have a positive impact as a citizen.


Charity and Voluntary organisations - pupils focus on the role of the voluntary sector and why it is important.

Bullying – pupils take part in workshops and activities focused on bullying and staying safe.

Human rights – pupils explore what human rights are and the responsibilities that come along with having these rights.


Rights of a child - pupils explore what children’s rights are and the responsibilities that come along with having these rights.

Citizenship and Education – children discover how education varied around the world and suggest the ways education is important.

Careers – pupils look ahead at the options they would like to choose for KS4 and what careers they may like to follow. 


British Values – Pupils explore what British values are and how they are important in our society.



Smoking and Alcohol – Pupils learn about the short and long term effects of smoking and alcohol and the law surrounding their use.

Managing Risks and Staying Safe – pupils explore what to do to stay safe and avoid risks that put them in danger. Pupil think about how to stay safe online.


Sex and Relationship Education – pupils follow a scheme of work to talk about family, friendships, relationships and LGBT+. Pupils also look at age appropriate work on puberty, growing up, menstruation and sex including contraception.

How is the course assessed

Ongoing assessment of engagement and effort in class.


 How can you support your child at home

Discuss current affairs and the news. Encourage pupils to question the world around them and how they can be a positive citizen.