Autumn - Summer

The KS4 Centre has a rolling curriculum of PSHE and RE topics as seen in the grid below.


Being a KS4 centre we start the year with a whole sector focus on applying for jobs and courses as well as making informed carer choices. This enables us to support our young people in making college and further education provider applications as early in the year as we can. This ties in with our sector focus on further education based trips that happen at this time like our sector visit to the NEC skills show.


After the first autumn half term groups then follow a variety of RE and PSHE based schemes of work.  These are selected to give a broad base of knowledge and support in the areas of personal development; personal finance, sex and relationships education, and religious education.


All PSHE schemes of work follow the AQA unit Award Scheme allowing our young people to earn Level 1 and Level 1 Awards and Certificates in each module.



 How can you support your child at home

PSHE and RE are about supporting young people as a whole, and making sure they can navigate the risks and opportunities that they will come across.  The best way you can help with this is help your young person engage with as many different opinions and news sources as possible.