The principles of fitness, progression, target zones and training for maximum gains.

Tai-Kwon Do – pupils will learn a variety of kicks, punches and blocks.

Tennis – pupils will learn the skills, rules and tactics.



Badminton and Volleyball: skills, tactics, and rules

Invasion games: skills tactics and rules.




Cricket & Rounders – skills, rules and tactics.

Athletics – improving techniques for throwing, running and jumping events in preparation for sports day.


 How is the course assessed

Pupils will be observed by the teaching staff in weeks 6 and 7 each half term.



 How can you support your child at home

  • Ensure that your son/ daughter wears jogging bottoms/ leggings, trainers and a T-shirt on their PE days. Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed.
  • Pupils are taught how to maintain their fitness at home. Parents can encourage their children to do the circuit based fitness activities covered in school 3 times per week.