My Skills

MySkills course gives pupils the skills you need for life, from preparing a meal at home, to successfully budgeting and saving for that all-important item, or making a difference in the community. It’s designed to suit all types of learners, The MySkills course are personalised to help fill  individual gaps in skills. Pupils will work through a range of short, practical units, gaining credits and a sense of achievement for every part they complete.


There are six units of work to choose from and they are all assessed internally. Pupils can gain a level 1 or 2 in each of the units if they meet all of the set criteria.

BTEC Enterprise Skills

Helping learners develop the entrepreneurial skills, techniques and attributes essential for success in working life.

BTEC Learning for Life

Putting learning at the heart of personal development to help students build the skills required for learning and for life.

BTEC Sustainability Skills

Flexible personal development qualifications designed to teach learners what it means to be a global citizen.

BTEC Home Cooking Skills

A course developed in partnership with chef Jamie Oliver, inspired by his healthy eating campaigns and featuring his recipes.

Safe Road Skills and Attitudes

Developed in conjunction with the Driving Standards Agency to build a sense of personal responsibility in all road users.