GCSE Mathematics. Foundation/ Higher. 8300 - AQA

 Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics. Level 1 and 2 09865/09866 -OCR

Functional Skills in Maths at Entry Level. Entry Level  1 09862, Entry Level 2 09863, Entry Level 3 09864 - OCR

Edexcel Award in Number and Measure Level 1 ANM10

Edexcel Award in Statistical Methods Level 1 AST10


Edexcel Award in Algebra Level 3 AAL30



Number including LCM, HCF, Express a number as a product of prime factors.

Algebraic expressions including substitution, expansion and factorisation.

Angles in parallel lines and polygons.

Averages and range.

Decimals including estimation, upper and lower bounds.

2D shapes.


Number including indices, standard form and surds.

Expressions including substitution, expansion and factorising.

Angles and circle Theorems.

Statistics including data collection, sampling, averages and range.

Fractions and decimals including upper and lower bound calculations.

2D shapes.







Equations including balancing and iterative method.


Transformations including symmetry.

Formulae including substitution and change of subject.


Presenting data including pie chart, scatter diagram and frequency polygon.

3D shapes.


Ratio and Proportion.




Linear equations including algebraic and graphical solutions of simultaneous equations.



Formulae and sequences.

Trigonometry including Pythagoras’ and 3D shapes.


Statistics including

cumulative frequency ,box plots and histograms.

3D shapes.

Algebraic graphs including cubic, reciprocal and exponential.

Ratio and proportion including direct and inverse graphs.







Algebraic Graphs.



Powers and roots including rules for indices and standard form.

Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry.


Loci, constructions and congruence.

Inequalities including graphical solutions.


Further factorising quadratics, completing the square, simplify algebraic fractions.

Trigonometry including sine/cosine rule, trig. Graphs and area formula.

Solve quadratic equations including factorisation, completing the square and formula.

Similar shapes including area and volume.

Simultaneous equations – linear, quadratic and circle.


Transformation of functions.



 How is the course assessed

15 minute end of topic assessments.

1 full assessment termly.



 How can you support your child at home

The MyMaths and Corbettmaths websites provide useful videos and other resources that students can use to aid them in their studies. The MyMaths website username is Brindley and the password is addition.

All pupils will be setup with a login for Mathswatch where they can access videos, worksheets and online tasks. This is a valuable resource for revision and to cover topics that have been missed. When pupils complete exam papers as assessments their results are uploaded to Pinpoint Learning which produces a gap analysis linked to Mathswatch. The pupils will have folders that contain their gap analysis and personalised revision booklets. Please support them in using this to fill the gaps through Mathswatch.