Local SEN Offer

All pupils at Willows Centre are Tier four inpatients at Parkview Clinic.

Parkview Clinic deliver Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to 35 inpatients across three wards who have had Complex and Significant needs identified on admission.

On a three-day admission basis, pupils are met by Willows school staff on the ward, this can also be at Willows Centre, where they are given a visual timetable and ASC friendly leaflet about our provision, pupils are also shown around their new interim school environment.

Pupil needs are met through Multi-Disciplinary Treatment, where a combination of appointments are accessed for Occupational Therapy, Speech and language Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Family Therapy, Nursing, Medical, Schooling and Clinical Leads. Professionals across the West Midlands work together to support recovery and attendance to Willows Centre is an important part of the MDT approach.

The Willows Centre work with the Parkview Team to understand the individual, enable them, provide commitment and consultation to work towards positive educational outcomes for each pupil, their families, parents and carers.

At Willows, we are able to offer a flexible personalised timetable in a small, quiet environment that is safe.

Health needs are reviewed weekly at Ward Round Meetings to provide access to a full-time timetable as soon as possible.

Local Authority and pupils home school involvement is sought to support EHCP application for schools and parents where needed and Safeguarding Practice is mandatory for Looked after Children, Child Protection and Child In Need pupils.

Willows Centre staff contribute to planned complex discharge arrangements by attending Care Plan Approach reviews that in turn, contribute to positive outcomes for pupils to access future education and community Multi- Disciplinary support.

Head Teacher Reports are written to leaver’s destinations for pupils to continue to access educational provision at their home school or specialist provision.