The phonics scheme used in KS1 is Twinkl and is supported by reading books from Bug Club Phonics/Bug Club.  The KS1 reading scheme is Bug Club. 


Word of the Week 08/07/2019: Illuminate

The word ‘illuminate’ is a verb which means to:

1) shine light on something and to make it brighter and more visible. 

2) make something that is difficult to understand, clearer by explaining it carefully or giving information about it.

'His speech will illuminate the subject...'

Synonyms: brighten, animate, enlighten

Antonyms: conceal, confuse


Word of the Week 01/07/2019: Succinct

The word ‘Succinct’ is an adjective which means something written or spoken briefly and clearly expressed.

Synonyms:  succinct, terse, concise, compact, short, short and sweet, brief, condensed

Antonyms:  verbose, long-winded


Word of the Week 24/06/2019: Revolutionary

The word revolutionary is both an adjective and a noun which means:

1) Involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.

‘Penicillin was a revolutionary drug’

2) A person who advocates or engages in political revolution.

‘The revolutionary army’

Synonyms:  thorough, complete, exhaustive, extensive, wide ranging/ a rebel, agitator, freedom fighter

Antonyms: Conventional, orthodox, moderate, law-abiding


Word of the Week 17/06/2019: Lucrative

The word lucrative is an adjective which means to produce a great deal of profit.

‘She had a lucrative career as a stand-up comedian.’

Synonyms: profitable, gainful, well-paid, money-making

Antonyms: unrewarding, fruitless, unbeneficial


Word of the Week 10/06/2019: Obtuse

The word obtuse is an adjective which means:

1)Annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand

2)An angle that is more than 90° and less than 180°

‘He wondered if the doctor was being deliberately obtuse.’

‘An obtuse angle of 150°’

Synonyms: stupid, slow, dull-witted

Antonyms: clever, astute, bright


Word of the Week 03/06/2019: Fastidious

The word fastidious is an adjective which means  very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.

‘He dressed with fastidious care.’

Synonyms: scrupulous, perfectionist, fussy

Antonyms: Easy-going, sloppy


Word of the Week 20/05/2019: Perseverance

The word perseverance is a noun which means

persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

‘Perseverance is the hard work you do when you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.’

Synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination

Antonyms: apathy, laziness