Humanities & RE



  • History – The Tudors
  • Geography – Map Skills
  • RE – Offering a sacrifice




  • History – The Industrial Revolution
  • Geography -  Trade and Development
  • RE – Expressing commitment and rites of passage


  • History – The First World War
  • Geography – Restless Earth
  • RE – Fighting for a cause-Religious rebels

 How is the course assessed

Students will have an assessment at the end of every unit of work, which may take the form of a written test or as part of an ongoing piece of work.


 How can you support your child at home

  • Support and encourage your child with homework tasks
  • Talk to your child about world events, the news, natural disasters, the weather and other current issues
  • Encourage your child to think about cause and consequence, making and arguing a case, investigating evidence and ensuring they have a balanced picture of the events in the world.