Health and Social Care

- OCR Cambridge Nationals Health and Social Care (Level 1/2)


Students will study a compulsory unit (R022) throughout the course. This unit focuses on the Health and Social Care workplace and requires students to consider the qualities needed to work in that environment and how to be an effective communicator.

Students will also begin to study for the exam unit (R021).



Students will study two optional units throughout the course. The first of these (R023) focuses on systems of the human body, specifically the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. Students will participate in a series of practical tasks which involve measure heart rate, peak flow and BMI (Body Mass Index)



The second optional unit (R025) focuses on human development and how we change as we grow, and as we grow older. Students will reflect on the changing role that older adults face and create coursework about medical conditions we might face in our lifetimes. Students will participate in a practical roleplay which involves discussing a support plan with a ‘patient’.


 How is the course assessed

Throughout the course, students complete coursework (75%) and this is marked on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Students sit a mock exam (25%) in both years 10 and 11.

 How can you support your child at home

Students can download guidance and marking criteria for all coursework from the OCR website. Coursework does not have to be completed in school and students are encouraged to complete any elements they choose as homework.


Students can also download past papers from the OCR website and practice them both at home and in lessons.