All pupils at the KS3 Centre will have the opportunity to work with drama practitioners from Birmingham Repertory Theatre who will be based with us every Thursday.


In Autumn term 1, pupils will develop their confidence through focussing on non-verbal communication. They will also use still images and hot-seating to develop further understanding of issues and relationships.

In Autumn 2, pupils will continue to develop their non-verbal communication skills but do so with more confidence and growing independence. They will work through a variety of scenarios using simple props and costumes.




In Spring 1, pupils will develop their understanding of the elements of drama whilst continuing to develop their non-verbal communication skills.  We will also explore ‘Twelfth Night’, complementing work in English through practical realisation of the text.

In Spring 2, pupils will begin to create their own drama and consider the effect they wish to have on the audience. This will complement the theme ‘Mystery’ which is being studied in English. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore some dramatic medium including stage make-up and masks.



In the summer term, pupils will complement their work in English and Music by focussing on the play ‘Our Day Out’.


Additionally, they will demonstrate their understanding of how to create their own work by devising a short scene in small groups based on ‘Our Day Out’. They will be expected to utilise skills developed throughout the year including non-verbal performance, still image, dialogue and direct speech.

 How is the course assessed

Pupil progress will be monitored throughout each unit. Assessment will based on pupils ability to create, perform and evaluate their drama work and will take place at the end of each unit.

Assessment will take the form of teacher, peer and self-assessment and will follow national curriculum guidelines.


All marking will follow the James Brindley Marking Policy and will be based on practical work, oral and response and written work.


 How can you support your child at home

Encourage your child to watch a wide range of live and filmed performance and discuss your likes and dislikes.

Access https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zmsvr82

(BBC Bitesize drama) for drama topics and skill development.