James Brindley has excellent on site facilities. The school has eight purpose built classrooms all equipped with desk top computers. There is a fully equipped kitchen for catering lessons and we offer PE lessons in the sports hall, gym and astroturf. Vocational lessons are offered in ‘The Hub’.

On admission each student is allocated a key teacher. The key teacher will contact previous schools for educational information and they will attend care planning meetings for their student. The key teacher will also form a link to the students home, this is crucial as beds are nationally commissioned. A qualified SENCO within the school will address any special educational needs.

After an initial assessment period each student will receive a bespoke educational pathway in both academic studies and vocational studies. There are nine subject specialists within the school teaching a broad curriculum from entry level to A level. Maths, English and science are covered alongside humanities, PSHE, catering, music, art and health and social studies. We are a fully accredited exam centre. Our vocational pathway currently includes bicycle maintenance and horticulture. Teaching takes place in small groups of no more than three students. Where necessary teaching will take place 1:1.

During the students referral to Ardenleigh the teaching staff will assist them in their life after discharge. Teachers will help in college applications, preparations for interviews and attending open days at college. Assistance will also be offered if other pathways are sought, such as apprenticeships or jobs.

Our aim at James Brindley is to make education engaging and fun. We take pride in our charity work, our success in national competitions and our academic achievements. We want every young person to be a part of that.