James Brindley Academy Hospital Sector provides education for all children and young people from Foundation Stage 1 (nursery) through to Post-16, who are receiving inpatient treatment across our hospital sites. Our educational provision begins on day four of a pupil’s admission or day six for Post-16. If a pupil is however regularly readmitted to hospital, our provision will begin immediately.

For pupils admitted across our hospital settings, the purpose of the curriculum is to minimise the impact of a pupil’s stay on their education and wellbeing.

Our aim is to complement their home school curriculum whilst targeting identified gaps in their learning. As a hospital school, we work within a multidisciplinary team including NHS professionals, to ensure the best outcomes for pupils. We adapt our teaching and learning to take full account of individual educational, medical, social and emotional needs, supporting our pupils to overcome their personal challenges. We aim to build resilience and encourage perseverance by providing a safe environment where pupils feel safe and ready to learn.

Staff are committed to prepare pupils to transition from hospital back into an educational setting. Support may be provided from our SENCO, for example, should an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) be required.

Our staff can also support you with College/University applications/Curriculum Vitae and Careers Information and Guidance.