James Brindley Academy,  liaises with the home education provider, to ensure work is provided whilst the young person is in hospital.

Teachers provide support and guidance to individuals, so that they are able to continue on their current educational pathway. 

We provide education for all children and young people from reception to post 16, who are receiving treatment within the hospital. Our teachers work in conjunction with the pupil’s home school teachers whichever school they usually attend. Throughout the year, we take our pupils on school trips, just like any other school. 

If pupils are well enough to come to school, they will be taught in the classrooms, but if  they cannot, then they will be seen by James Brindley Academy staff on the ward. Each ward has an assigned teacher and all members of staff will be wearing a blue school badge with their name on. All the teachers are used to working with children who are unwell. We know what it takes to get children interested in learning, even if they're not feeling well. We have a range of resources including pupil iPads to help support a range of subject specialism. We follow the National Curriculum and ensure that lessons are interesting and fun.  Depending on how well the pupils are, we even facilitate exams including Keys Stage 1 & 2, GCSE and A Levels. 

We offer a varied curriculum for all of our pupils from KS1 – KS4 including Maths, English, Science, Computer Science, Art, DT, Geography, History, Personal Development, RE, PE, MFL.  A-Level subjects are also taught such as Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Business Studies, Media, Politics & Ethics.  Our staff can help support you with College or University application, the writing of CVs and can also Career advice.


Phonics: Letters and sounds (Phonics Bug)

(Mixture of resources, phonics bug for group)

Reading: Activelearn