Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering 601/7703/2-EDUQAS / WJEC


Pupils will learn key knowledge based on food preparation, cooking and use of ingredients.


Pupils will continue to develop a variety of skills and use of different ingredients. Each lesson will have a different focus including time management, safe use of equipment and presentation skills.




Pupils will complete an assessment in which they will need to plan, prepare and cook a meal for a given scenario. This will be based on previous dishes produced in lesson but will be completed unaided (where possible).


 How is the course assessed

Pupils will be given challenges at the end of every half term which is in the form of them planning what dish they will cook but it’s based on a scenario for a target audience.

An assessment will be submitted to the exam board in order to gain an accreditation for the course.



How can you support your child at home

  • Encouraging active participation in food preparation and cooking at home.
  • Being prepared with the necessary ingredients needed for the practical to be carried out.
  • Tasting the dishes produced and given the pupil feedback on the dishes made and skills used.
  • Encouraging the sharing of recipes for dishes the pupils and the family enjoy.