Arts Award- Autumn

Part A

Pupils participate in any art form

Pupils Participate in discussion about how to develop arts practice

Pupils make improvement in personal arts practice


Part B

Pupils experience of one or more arts event, this can be a visiting artist to the Centre

Pupils write a reflection on their personal enjoyment and quality of the arts events

Pupils participation in discussion about the arts events


Part C

Pupils produce simple research into, and appreciation of, the work of an artists, craft person or arts practitioners

Pupils say what they have learnt from the research into the person’s arts career, life and work

Part D

Pupils prepare their arts skills share in discussion with their adviser or another arts professional

Pupils deliver of their arts skills and explain how it went

How is the course assessed

Part A

Pupils create a description of their arts activity

Pupils add information on how they developed their participation and enjoyment in their arts activity, e.g. annotated photos, comments, feedback

Pupils write a summary of what they have learnt and how their skills improved

Part B

Pupils evidence of a least one arts event e.g. programme, postcard, photographs, CDs, DVDs

Pupils evidence with a personal reflection on the event and its creative impact e.g. written or recorded comments


Pupils evidence of communication personal reflection/sharing with one or more others, e.g. photographs, comment from advisor, recorded reflection, CDs, DVDs

Part C

Pupils evidence their research, e.g notes, photographs, recordings

Pupils write a summary, in any format that other can understand, of what they have found out, why the person was chosen and what they learnt about their art career, life and work

Part D

Pupils explain their activity, why they chose it, and the plans they have made

Pupils evidence their activity and how they passed theirs skills to others

Pupils write a reflection on how it went

 How can you support your child at home

Encourage your child to explore and develop skills at home with resources available to them. Draw from observation and secondary resources such as online ‘how to’ art videos, books and magazines. Experience galleries, museums and art exhibitions to enhance knowledge and understanding of both the history of art and contemporary art and design.