Notice to Parkway Parents & Carers

Ongoing Parkway Centre Closure – Wednesday 20th October 2021 

Dear Parents/Carers 

Ongoing Parkway Centre Closure – Wednesday 20th October 2021 

Further to my letter last week, I regret to inform you that we are still not in a position to reopen Parkway to pupils and staff. Parkway will remain closed tomorrow, but we have been assured by the Lead Engineer contracted by the Local Authority, that we should be able to open the Centre on Thursday.  

Our most recent conversation with the contractors has detailed the following reasons for the delay in rectifying the issues with the flooded boiler system: 

  • Samples of the pungent mixture of diesel and water that were sent off to a lab for testing to ascertain if there was any contamination has not yet come back. 

  • Once the samples have been returned, this will determine the correct tanker to be used to dispose of the sludge in line with environmental regulations.  

  • The boiler will not be switched back on till the area has been drained, and safety checks have been completed on the electrics and plumbing; thereby leaving the premises with no hot water or heating.  

We have felt frustrated about the amount of time it has taken to rectify this issue and have logged our dissatisfaction with the Local Authority. The closure has also affected our neighbours in the nursery next door, and we understand the significant effects of such disruption to the day to day lives of all impacted.  

We again express our sincerest apologies for the disruption caused and look forward to welcoming pupils into school on Thursday.  

Yours sincerely 


Tosin Gabriel 
Vice Principal – Head of Parkway, Northfield and Dovedale Centres