Invitation to Parent Information Webinars

We will be delivering webinars about supporting your child with literacy, numeracy and e-safety.

This year we have introduced Thrive within our Teaching Centres: Dovedale, Northfield and Parkway. Part of James Brindley’s vision is to meet the emotional and social needs of our pupils, as well as their learning needs. The Thrive Approach allows us to screen all the young people to identify gaps in their emotional development and then to plan ways to work with them to support and meet those needs. For more information, please visit their website:

As you may already know, we have developed Thrive intervention groups at each Teaching Centre for pupils with significant gaps in their emotional development. These groups are supported by Licensed Thrive Practitioners, using the Thrive Approach within their teaching and pastoral support. All other pupils within the Teaching Centres are also screened using the Thrive Approach screening tool and one to one interventions are planned where appropriate. The Thrive Approach has also been used to underpin our delivery of Personal Development to all pupils as well as contributing towards us becoming a Trauma and Attachment Aware Informed School.

Moving forward, as an Academy, we are passionate about working with parents and carers towards our shared vision. To support this, I will be delivering a webinar about the Thrive Approach on Thursday 24th June. This will include information about Thrive itself, as well as examining the impact of trauma and the adolescent brain. This session will be open to all parents and carers. Please sign up using the link on the following page.

Following this on Thursday 1st July, Kevin Biggs, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning, will be delivering a webinar about supporting your child with literacy, numeracy and e-safety.

Likewise, all parents and carers are welcome. Please sign up using the link below.

Webinar 1, The Thrive Approach & Impact of Trauma: Thursday 24th June 5:30 – 6:30pm

Webinar 2, Literacy, Numeracy & E- Safety: Thursday 1st July 5:30 – 6:30pm

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming webinars.