Facebook Against Bullies

At last, Facebook steps up to battle bullying!   

Antigone Davis, head of safety for the company, says ‘Everyone deserves to feel safe on Facebook’.

Soon, new tools and programmes to help Facebook users control their online experiences will be available. It will be possible to hide or delete groups of comments – including responses – instead of having to remove them one at a time. This new initiative is in response to calls from the public for more effective monitoring of bullying and harassment on the social network.

It will even be possible to report any problems that friends or family may be having – sometimes people are reluctant to do so themselves, especially if they are younger or perhaps know who the bully might be.  There will also be better access to the appeals process, meaning that it will be easier to ask for a further review if you feel that they have made a mistake.

This news is especially good for our young people. It is well-known that adolescents are more vulnerable to bullying, due to issues with self-esteem and peer pressure, and research seems to show that these problems have been aggravated by social media. Teenagers nowadays have access to so many communication sites that where, when and how bullying takes place is hard to keep track of.

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