'Working on the Wards’ Regional Day

'Working on the Wards’ Regional Day- Friday 8th November 2019

JBA staff hosted the ‘Working on the Wards’ Regional Day that took place on Friday 8th November 2019 at the Burlington Hotel, Birmingham. Over 70 delegates attended the conference.  Although called a Regional Day, people came from as far as Truro in Cornwall to Sheffield.

The purpose for the conference was for Hospitals Schools to get together and share good practice across the country, as we are all members of the National Association of Hospital Education (NAHE).   The agenda was very full and included the following:

Staff from Wolverhampton, Leeds, Sheffield & Leicester Hospital Schools gave four ten minute different Newsflashes; we organised six workshops ranging from PMLD to Teaching & Learning and lots in between to workshop we as JBA staff presented and we had four guest speakers.

We were particularly proud of the feedback from the two workshops that we presented (Careers & Computing). 

Also, we were privileged to have one of our very own JBA students Cery’s and her father, Geraint to talk about the impact that cancer has had on their lives and how our JBA education has helped Cerys on her cancer journey.  Their speeches were extremely moving and really hit home as to why it is so important that hospitalised pupils receive education from us and it was clear that the relationship we build up with our pupils and family help them in traumatic times.

All of the feedback from the evaluation sheets were very positive and we were so proud to have hosted such a fabulous event!