Willows Centre and Parkview Clinic successfully maintain Autism Accreditation status

Well done to Willows & Parkview Clinic

In addition to a significant mental health difficulty, around 6 in every 10 young people who require the support of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) have an underlying social communication/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In response to this, colleagues working within inpatient CAMHS team at Parkview Clinic and Willows Centre have remained committed to further developing their practice and continuing to provide a high-quality service in which young people with ASD and their families are fully supported and understood. Their great work, which has positively impacted on patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness, has been formally recognised through their maintaining their Autism Accreditation status. They are the only service of its’ kind in the country to achieve this.

Autism Accreditation is an internationally recognised quality standard provided by the National Autistic Society (NAS). It provides services with a ‘kite mark’ of excellence, formally recognising and promoting the high standard and quality of care provided to those with ASD. If Autism Accreditation Status is awarded it is effective for 3 years. After which time the service is again formally reviewed.

Once a service signs up to working towards achieving Autism Accreditation, they carry out a detailed self-audit against an extensive list of Autism Accreditation Standards. These Standards enable areas in need of development to be highlighted and prioritised.

Angela Watson, Principal Speech & Language Therapist/Lead for Autism Accreditation for Inpatient CAMHS at Parkview Clinic said:

"Rather than single out those young people with an underlying ASD, we aim to provide a whole service ASD friendly approach which is of equal benefit to all given the impact of a significant mental illness on cognitive and everyday functioning."

Parent of a former pupil at Willows said:

"Parkview clinic and Willows Centre provided incredibly helpful advice, understanding and life changing support, both for my daughter and me. We will be forever grateful. My daughter is now managing life successfully and achieving her life goals, none of which would have been possible without the help of the autism team. They are amazing!"

Congratulations to our In-Patient CAMHS team at Parkview Clinic and Willows Centre for retaining their Autism Accreditation Status from the National Autistic Society!