National Association for Hospital Education (NAHE) Event

Walking On The Wards

National Association for Hospital Education (NAHE) – Working on the Wards Event- Tuesday 6th November 2018.

Some of our staff attended the conference in Sheffield, It was a strange setting, as it was held in a Cinema and yes popcorn was served during break times!

Our team presented the following sessions throughout the day to an audience of over 70 hospital teaching staff from different hospitals settings, which started out as regional but is now national across the country.

Assessment – We presented how progress is measured for short term pupils and how we baseline them for initial data from the first day of teaching. Other hospital schools were very impressed with our initial assessment booklets we complete with the pupils from day one of admission.

PMLD post Rochford – This session was focussing on how we have adapted to the new recommendations from the Rochford report. Sharing ideas from BCH PMLD working party group has put James Brindley as one of the advanced leading practitioners in this field.

Marking & Feedback – Three workshops were offered in the afternoon session whereby James Brindley facilitated the Marking & Feedback. We shared ideas from our new marking policy and showed examples of how this looks in pupils work. Other hospitals would like to implement our policy for their own settings as they could clearly see the benefits of how good quality feedback ensures pupils are continually challenged, which ultimately results in high expectations and progression.

James Brindley Hospital Sector have offered to host the next Regional Network Meeting for Hospital Schools in November 2019 and we can't wait!